Connor Garvey

Connor Garvey is an award-winning singer-songwriter from Portland, Maine, with the amiable presence of an entertainer, the lyrical depth of a poet, and the enchantment of a story teller.

Garvey leaves audiences uplifted and inspired through a positive message delivered in a way that proves you can be optimistic and self aware without being boring.

First time listeners often are drawn to Garvey’s engaging performance style, accomplished musicianship and memorable melodies. but his lyrics project a depth and sincerity that allow the observant listener to find meaning beyond the catchy hook. “Connor isn’t afraid to tackle some heavy-duty subjects” writes Americana Highways.

“Connor’s got the spark; a creative spark that literally shines all around him when he’s on stage. His recordings are equally charming. He has a way of turning a phrase or skewing a song scenario so that it makes the listener take note. That’s a real talent.” – No Depression

“All These Things”

“Water to the Well”

Tickets will be $25 in advance and $27.50 day of show.

Admission for Children 16 and under and Seniors 65+ will be $17.50 in advance and $20.00 day of the concert.


Richmond Congregational Church
20 Church St. Richmond, VT
Sundays 4:00 – 6:00 p.m.
For Details and Tickets – 802-434-4563