The Bombadils – 4/3/22

April 3 – The Bombadils

The season concludes with the Halifax N.S. duo the Bombadils.  This is their third time in the area and the second on the “P.M. Sundays” stage. Sarah Frank and Luke Fraser have played in Richmond previously and are also being rescheduled as Covid postponed their appearance a year as well. There will be a harp accompanist with them this time around. They bring together bluegrass, Celtic and singer-songwriter traditions with front porch style and classical grace.

In-Person Tickets
Streaming Tickets

Adults $22 in advance/$25 day of show

Call or email for Seniors 65 and over and Children 16 and under ($15)

“Squirrels Rule the Day, Raccoons Rule the Night”

“Losing Track of Time”

Richmond Congregational Church
20 Church St. Richmond, VT
Sundays 4:00 – 6:00 p.m.
For Details and Tickets – 802-434-4563

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